A Very Canadian Deviant Art Contest

To the very talented Artists on my friends list:


Captain Canuck Deviant Art Contest:

"* * * CONTEST IS OPEN FROM MAY 19th, 2010 until AUGUST 15th, 2010 * * *

Artwork may be traditional media or digital. Sketches, inked work or full-color pieces will be accepted.

1ST PRIZE: $75.00 US + Signed Copy of Captain Canuck Vol 1.
2ND PRIZE: $50.00 US
3RD PRIZE: $25.00 US

That's RIGHT! $$$ PRIZES and a chance to have your art published in an Art Book! You better get started NOW! If I receive more than 50 entries, the prize $ just might go up!"


One of my very favorite Authors is going to be at the Toronto Comic-Con again this year! I didn't get to go last year because of the wedding but this year I am determined to go and meet her :D I love Kelley Armstrong's books, both her adult and young adult books :) She is the Author that broke the odd addiction I had going with the stupid twilight saga *shudder*

I am actually re-reading "Bitten" for what might be the 4th time... really I have lost track lol

screw you google!

So a while back I blogged about how my gmail account was hacked and then instead of giving it back to me google decided to shut it down. Well.... for a while now I have been telling youtube not to link to my gmail account for the above reasons... so today when I tired to sign into youtube it took me to google accounts and told me my access was denied *sigh* Time for a new youtube account I suppose :(
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I new issued of City of heroes has been released today and of all the upgrades and improvments made to the game... this is the one that makes me go "*SQUEEEE*":

In-Game E-mail: You can now use in-game e-mails to send Influence/Infamy to your own characters or to other players' characters via in-game e-mails. (You still cannot send Influence, Infamy, or items from a Hero to a Villain or vice versa.)

Yes I know you wow people have been able to do this FOREVER... but this is MAJOR to someone like me that has oodles of alts. The down side to this is that we still cannot send Items... but I guess at least we can use the base storage racks (if you have them) for trading off items between toons.

for a full list of updates if you are interested and don't already know... can be found here:

gaming update

Ok so I haven't been using LJ as much as I used to... so lets do a little update...

I quit AION... it got very boring and I am not keen on a loot/need vs, greed rewards system.. it tends to breed ass hats. But it was so PRETTY! *sigh*

I am playing City of Heroes/Villains again but not as much as I used to. retrorocketman's computer got the blue screen of death a few months ago and we haven't had the spare coin to get it fixed so he has been sharing mine.... I miss gaming with him :( Plus the SGs we were in (The Justice Corps. (virt) and The Judas Corps. (freedom)) fell apart BIG TIME after the leader decided he had had enough of CoX and went to play Champions... this corrisponded with RRM and my Wedding/Honeymoon and being forced to find a new place to live so we couldn't be online enough to help with the fall out. ANYWAY I am playing again but not as into it as I used to be... I try to play Thursday nights when RRM is off playing D&D.

RRM got an Xbox 360 for his Birthday... so played and completed Fable and Bioshock.... I played BS on easy mode and am now trying Medium. RRM picked up BioShock 2 reciently but I haven't tried it yet... it's on the list of things to do though. I tried Borderlands as well but I don't like it as much has BioShock.. RRM likes it a lot and has finished the game once and working on it with a different character type now.

Well that's pretty much if for gaming... I want to get a hold of Dragon's Age Origins and Final Fantasy 13...

Reading... I am re-reading the Sookie Stackhouse/True Blood books and plan on buying the newest couple soon as I get to the end of the books I currently own. I think I am only missing 2 at this point. I am anxiously awaiting the Second Season of True Blood to come out on DVD.... Speaking on Sookie/Anna Paquin ... Siobhan Magnus looks so much like her it messes with my head at times while watching American Idol. And yes I have been watching AI this season... I am rooting for Crystal Bowersox, and Siobhan Magnus to make it to the top 5.